My new favorite genre of YouTube video: people slowly opening sealed packs of old Magic: the Gathering cards and finding ultravaluable cards inside. The rising tension followed by elated release is an almost perfect narrative arc. Best three so far:



It’s been two years since I posted a video of myself pulling cocaine out of a heckler’s coat, and I SWEAR I don’t want to be the comedian who only posts heckler videos. But sometimes the NYPD busts in while you’re on stage trying to make a late night submission video, arrests an audience member, then yells at you to, “Shut the fuck up!” And what are you supposed to do, not post it? 

This is a crazy thing to happen during a standup show, incredibly well handled by Adam. And fun to watch!



.@adamconover at Indiecade

This is a video of me experiencing a piece of virtual reality journalism (or “game”) about the death of a migrant man at the hands of US Border Patrol. It’s called Use of Force. In the game, you watch the man being beaten by border patrol agents as real audio of the incident plays; you can use your virtual cell phone to record what you see. The game tracks your movement in 3D space, so you can walk around the scene and view what’s happening from every angle. It was pretty incredible, and deeply immersive in a way not many pieces of journalism are. A bit rough, but the potential is enormous. Indiecade was a blast — the things that creative people are doing with new technology are enormously exciting.

Update: Here’s the video I took inside the simulation on my virtual cell phone.



Video-inspiration for aspiring women in physics!

If you’re a girl or a woman starting out in physics, watch this video! Now! Do not delay!

When I first started out in physics, as a junior in high school taking AP physics, I was starving for female role models. I remember poking through my textbook in my free time (because yes, I was a nerd) and coming upon pictures like this one:

How amazing, that in one place at one time there were so many incredibly influential and brilliant physicists. Einstein, Heisenberg, Pauli, Schrodinger, Dirac, Planck, the list goes on and on! But only one woman, Marie Curie.

And that made me profoundly sad!

I know from personal experience, in a male-dominated field, it helps so much to have other women to inspire you, to tell you that you can do this, to reassure you that it’s okay if physics is hard, and that you don’t have to be a genius to be a good physicist. 

So. Young women, if you’re out there, and you’re considering physics, but you’re struggling, or you love it but you’re not sure it’s for you, watch this video! Soak in the wisdom.

The above is reason #217 why my sister rules. Reason #218 is that she just accepted a fellowship position at Science Magazine! You’re reading the Tumblr of a proud brother right now.



I caught this reference and was so overwhelmed I had to go on facebook and send a mushy message to Raphael Bob-Waksburg. 

I was so delighted to see this reference to perhaps the silliest Olde English sketch Raphael and I ever made in episode three of Bojack Horseman. Raphael is a sentimental guy — the kind of friend who always leaves you an improvised song on your voicemail on your birthday — and I love him for it.