Movie Premise of the Day: Back in 2010, director Ben Popik recruited five comedy writers for a surprise challenge: Each would write 15 pages of a movie, having read only the previous five pages of the script.

They were all in, save for one stipulation: If they wrote the movie, Popik had to make it.

Done and done — two years later, The Exquisite Corpse Project is a comedy, a love story, a psycho-sexual thriller, and a supernatural adventure all in one. And it’s also winning awards!

[thanks, raphael!]

Thanks to the Daily What for giving our movie The Exquisite Corpse Project such an awesome writeup! Since I last posted about the it, a lot’s happened: We won the Audience Award at the Dances with Films Festival, Best Documentary and Best Director at the LA New Wave Festival, and people have been has been getting amazing reviews and excited blog posts all the heck over the place.

For everyone who’s asked: We’re planning a New York City premiere and screenings as wide across the country as we can manage for later this year, and are hard at working putting together an awesome way to distribute the film so that everyone in the world who wants to see it will be able to. I continue to be over the moon about how people are responding to this movie, and I can’t wait for you all to see it.

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