This week on Baby Geniuses:

The charming and knowledgeable David Smithyman!

We talk about ANIMALS: Jellyfish, bears, vampire bats, punching sharks in the nose, and who do you trust more - dogs or cats?

Then Elaine Carroll Simon, a student from Byrd Middle School, stops by to share his expertise on the girls in his class.

Also: Fireworks, middle school choir, comics conventions, and Mary Toft

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I loved this episode. Lisa and Emily are two of the funniest people I know, and their conversation with David Smithyman is a gross delight. Elaine’s character that ends the show is just as wonderful. The one thing that Paul Ryan, Joe Biden, and I all agree on is that everyone should be listening to this podcast.

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    I loved this episode. Lisa...Emily are two of...funniest...
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    recover from the debates: listen to this podcast! its v funny and caters to my love of weird, unpractical knowledge.
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    Lisa Hanawalt and Emily Heller host this really fun podcast. I’m on it this week, blabbing about animals. Check it out!
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